Is SEO have a good opportunity for a long term carrier Compare to BPO ?

After getting good education people search job in various department and they get it but some people did not get right job according to their education .Because lot of competition  available in market.  Specially it department have lot of competition according to other sectors. Mainly  Btech ,Bsc,Mca .BSc Students have various skills like development knowledge , computer software knowledge , Networking knowledge .After fail in their Sectors Students mostly choose BPO sectors and waste whole life in earning few money .

Some people asked me that which sector is best for Good carrier , I suggested them  try in which you are expert , But One more field have best opportunity compare to BPO. I am telling to you about SEO . SEO is not a development field , It is a marketing field , Some people called it online marketing , and some says online marketing ,search engine optimization .

In whole world there are lot of companies like retail ,manufacture ,software , IT and much more . Today after building a business every one wants to sell their product and services , with out sale, No customer means no  business .So for getting customer business man promoting their business by various method , like news paper , banner advertisement , posters , radio promotion . In promoting company spent lot of money but not get right customer , Because now a days people use Internet .

Talking About SEO and Doing SEO are Very Different Things

SEO is now a well good career choice . As an company , when we hire a fresher, the skillset we look for include computer literacy, basic knowledge of coding  and search engines. Need good communication skill written and verbal ,email writing , and chat is an additional advantage.

You should definitely not join SEO if

you are not willing to stay hungry. Things change overnight here.

you do not like experimenting & want to follow one old way of doing things every time

you just want a timely job.

Once You Go There, You Can Never Go Back

I tried to sum up things based on my experience as SEO carrier , please feel free to share your views  in the comments section on anything I missed any query you have.  I hope this article help tech graduates or MCA Professionals in choosing SEO as a good career. Also I would love to see your comments about this please write up.

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