Navneet Kumar: How To Use Google Plus To popular My Business Website/Blog

I am Navneet Kumar SEO & SMO Analyst by profession, i am telling about my experience How To Use Google Plus To popular My Business Website/Blog ? Quality content cannot get response until and unless there is satisfactory traffic to your site. In this regard, Google+ has given considerable opportunities to promote the business and driving traffic to your blog. Many businesses and marketers do not know How To Use Google Plus To popular My Business Website/Blog? Most of the businesses get discouraged as they are unaware of the effective ways to communicate with the market. Getting traffic is an essential part of digital marketing. The more relevant content is posted; the better will be the search ranking. As a result, you will notice a considerable increase in traffic. Here are some of the tips to drive traffic and to promote business through Google Plus:

How To Use Google Plus To popular My Business WebsiteBlog

  1. Make a Business Page on Google Plus

The process is similar to other social sites. You have to add business category, location and phone to find business easily. Add profile image and attention grabbing cover photo to get massive advantage. In the introduction section, do not forget to mention blog URL. It is important to provide information about business to attract the potential customers. Add the blog site in the links section as well.

  1. Share the Business Page with Circles

When your blog is shared with the circles, they help in sharing the business posts to potential clients. Make circles for industry leaders, customers, teams and partners to accomplish business needs. Share the posts with the relevant audience and develop a connection by writing post updates. The updates are based on product’s price and kind of benefits the product will give to customers.

  1. Bring Traffic by Engaging the Communities

Communities are dissimilar to circles as these are online groups or forums. Consider the communities for improving traffic. Google+ has thousands of communities therefore you must approach the ones that are relevant to your business. For instance, your business is related to fishing gear products. You have shared posts concerning the fishing tips and product types. Search the keyword fishing and you will get an access to available fishing communities. Join the relevant groups and interact through dialogues, comments, like and sharing posts. While sharing your business posts, give a brief summary to engage the readers. Moreover, include hashtags to get in touch with a niche market.

  1. Role of Hashtags

Hashtags help in classifying the updates. To make your business blogs effective, add two or three hashtags in the posts. The more grainy your hashtagging, the more easily your posts will be found and checked by the targeted audience.

To promote marketing or business campaign, use hashtags to make an interactive and shared category. In case, hashtags are not included in a post, Google Plus has a system to add hashtags in your content.

Last but not least, Google Plus does not use characters or word count restrictions, therefore most of the users post complete blogs. Audience ignores such posts, so add only the relevant paragraphs to achieve your target. Furthermore, get Google Authorship to build influence and to make your business appealing.


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