How to Recover Your Website from Negative SEO Penalized?

How to Recover Your Website from Negative SEO Penalized?

The current time various SEO Companies practiced a serious modification over the past 2 years. As a result, several on-line Executives have dramatically modified their SEO strategies. Ranking high in Google for competitive keywords isn’t as simple because it was 4 or 5 years past.

Because black hat SEO is difficult and harder to execute, and fewer and fewer possible to deliver results, a brand new kind of SEO has appear known as “negative SEO.”

This is article which will assist you understand what negative SEO is and the way you’ll secure your business website from turning into a negative SEO Services india . If you’re serious concerning building your complete on-line and keeping it safe, this can be one thing you ought to not ignore.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO known as if you try keywords ranking by using black hat and don’t follow Google parameters to beat a competitor’s rankings in search engines. Negative SEO attacks can be defined a number of various forms:

Hacking your website.

  • If you are creating 100 or 10000 of spam back links to your website.
  • If you using Copy content in your website and your content is distributing all over the internet.
  • Pointing links to your website using keywords like Viagra, poker online, and more.
  • Creating fake social accounts and optimize your online reputation.
  • your website has best back links if you are Removing these back links.

 Is Negative SEO a Real Threat?

    • See This Video to Know about Negative SEO:

  • Yes, there is no doubt that Negative SEO is real, and a number of websites have had to faced with this problem. If you are looking a solution then you must know that Preventing it is much easier than fixing it.
  • Google has offer a free tool known as the Disavow Tool to help webmasters who faced with this problem, but the Disavow Tool may be used with care and only as a last resource.
  • Basically Disavow Tool takes 2-4 weeks for the work on your request. Can a businessman afford to have their website penalized for one month? No one can! I so I write this blog for you, how you can prevent these negative SEO attacks and keep your business website safe.

How to Prevent your website Negative SEO Attacks:

1. Create Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts

  • If you have set Email Alerts then Google will send you email alerts when:
  • A website is being attacked by Virus or malware.
  • A web pages are not indexed.
  • If website have connectivity problems on server.
  • If your website get a manual penalty from Google.
  • Webmaster Tools Email Alerts

If you haven’t already, Your website should be add at Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Log in to your Webmaster and click “Webmaster Tools Preferences.”
  • Then Enable Webmaster email notifications and choose the option to receive alerts for all types of issues. Click “Save.”
  • 4-webmaster-tools-@freedoms251preferences

2. Take Care of Your Back links Profile:

This is the most necessary action to require to stop spammers from succeeding. Most often, they’ll perform negative SEO against your web site by building bad quality backlinks or website redirection. it’s vitally necessary to understand once somebody is making links or redirects to your web site.


  • You can use tools like Rank Signals or Open link profiler some free or paid back link checker tools, from time to time, to manually check if somebody is building links to your web site. These are the most effective and best tools that may send you email alerts once your web site gains or loses necessary back links.
  • Instead of having to manually check your back links each morning, Monitor Back links sends everything you wish to understand to your inbox. Here’s however you’ll use it:
  • Once you have got created your account, it’ll need you to feature your domain and connect it along with your Google Analytics account.

3. Protect Your Best Back links:

  • In various cases, spammers can try to remove your website best back links. They basically contact the website owner of the link, using your name, and also these spammers can send request at webmaster to remove your back link.Use this Free tool for Backlinks
  • backlink checker@freedoms251
  • To prevent this from happening, you can do two things:
  • Remember When you try to communicate with webmasters, always you should use an pop up email address build with your domain, Don’t use Gmail or Yahoo Email. This method, you proved that you worked for the website and that it’s not spammer else fake to be you. Your email should be created like this:
  • You can continuously track of your best back links. For this purpose, you can use Rank Signal back link checker again. See your website back links list and sort them by Page Rank or social activity ass well as DA and also PA.

4. Protect Your Website from Malware and Hackers:

  • Security is first most important fact for any website. The last thing you want is spam on your website without you even knowing about it. I am discus here various points, you should do to secure your website:
  • 11-login@freedoms251
  • Are you used WordPress theam ?, you should install the Google Authenticator Plugin and must create a 2-step verification password. When every time you log in to your WordPress website, Google Authenticator will ask for add a code generated by it, the code will receive on your smartphone (available on iOS and Android).
  • You should Create a very strong password by using numbers and special characters and Alpha Numeric.
  • Creating backups of website’s files is also important and database on a regular basis too.
  • You can install antivirus to prevent malware.5. You Should Check for Duplicate Content in your Website:

One of the important and also common techniques of spamming used the copy content. They will copy your web site unique content and post it all over on the internet. If most of your content is duplicated, there’s an enormous risk that your web site are punished and lose rankings.

copy content checker @ freedoms251

  • There are various tools available online which is mostly free. You can check if your web site has duplicate contents on the web using Just enter your web site, or the body of the article you wish to verify, and it’ll show you if your content is being copied, it will show how much content is unique and how much is commen and how much % is duplicate.

Sometimes, spammers will create fake accounts on social media using your company or website name. Try to remove these profiles by reporting them as spam before they start to get followers.

6. You Should supervise Your Social Media Mentions:

 I saw sometimes, spammers created fake accounts on social media and used various company name or website. If you are facing this type of issue, You should try to remove this type of profiles..

I am telling a tools for fulfill this purpose, you should use tools.


If you will use this tool then it help to inform you when someone created fake social media accounts of your name on any company name or website, will be inform you, and then you will decide whether you should take action.

Use this toll and create a profile and click “Create alert.” mention your Name of alert, and add the phrase or keywords you wish to be alerted about. This tool provide multiple languages, options too for you. Click “Next step.”

Choose the social sources you wish to look for, and also add some domains you wish to be ignored. Click “Create my alert,” and you will receive alerts each time your keyword (website name) is entered on social media websites, blogs, forums, and news.

7. Check Your Website Response Speed by

website speed cheker@ freedoms251

In case of Negative SEO sometimes website suddenly has a very high loading time, It means spammers are giving thousands of requests per second to your server. If you don’t take action fast to stop these requests, then your server put down.

I am telling you a very useful tool is that will help you monitor your server uptime and loading time.


Make a profile and activate “email alerts,” inform you to know when your website is slow or shutdown. If you received an email that is your website being attacked, Then contact your website hosting company and ask for resolve as soon as possible.

8. Don’t be a webmasters like Own SEO Strategies:

You should Make sure you are not using techniques that are not follow Google parameters it may Down your website ranking. These are some of the tips you should never do:

  • Don’t create back links to punished websites.

  • Don’t purchase Back links from blog websites.

  • Don’t post a high number of duplicate quality content guest posts.

  • Don’t create too many links for your website using low quality websites.

  • Your anchor texts should be use Minimum 60% links of your website name.

  • If you are thinking to sell links then Don’t sell without using the “nofollow” property.

How to recover from Your Website Negative SEO:

If spammers started a negative SEO strategies against your website, I am telling about some tips here what you should do:

1. Build a bad Back links list You want to Remove:

Select the bad back links to your website that are newly build, Hence you should try to remove bad back links. Check these bad back links by your hand and confirm which ones are penalized your website rankings.

Make this list quickly after you received email alerts with new links you are not known of, if they are looking like spam back links.

2. You Should Try to Remove the Bad back Links:

Now After create the list of bad back links you can remove, Request the webmaster of that website and wait for your website’s bad back links will be removed.

3. Build a bad back links List to submit Disavow Tool:

Disavow @ freedoms251

If you have access of webmaster tool and received a manual penalty for your website then You should use the Google webmaster Disavow Tool. Make a bad back links disavow list and then submit to Google Webmaster Tools.

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