Complete ON Page, OFF Page SEO Steps & Tips for 2016.

SEO ON Page Steps with best tips and practices that are in trend for 2016 is here. I actually have spent lots my times to prepare this blog of SEO ON Page Steps on the most effective practices for SEO therefore I hope you may love it and can assist you to optimize your website.

Basic search engine optimisation (SEO) is key. And essential. SEO can assist you position your website properly to be found at the foremost important points within the study these methods or once person would like your site. read out this awesome SEO ON Page Steps terribly rigorously.

We see that there are lots of and thousands of latest bloggers evolving on the blogosphere. However, over a protracted amount, solely few sustain. Why will this happen? wherever do persons go wrong? One easy reason might be an improper search engine optimisation.

Complete ON Page, OFF Page SEO Steps & Tips for 2016

Thats why I actually have written an detailed SEO ON Page Steps regarding best practices which will be in trend for the year of 2016 to assist you boost your SERP rankings and double website traffic.

We see that there are lots of and thousands of latest bloggers evolving on the blogosphere. However, over a chronic amount, solely few sustain. Why will this happen? wherever do people go wrong? One easy reason might be an improper search engine optimisation.

Thats why I actually have writed an detailed SEO ON Page Steps regarding best practices which will be in trend for the year of 2016 to assist you boost your SERP rankings and double website traffic.

We see that there are a whole bunch and thousands of latest bloggers evolving on the blogosphere. However, over a protracted amount, solely few sustain. Why will this happen? wherever do visitors go wrong? One easy reason might be an improper computer program optimisation.

Thats why I actually have writed an detailed SEO ON Page Steps regarding best practices which will be in trend for the year of 2016 to assist you boost your SERP srankings and double website traffic.


Set canonical URLs :

Canonicalization happens once 2 or a lot of duplicate versions of websites page seem on totally different URLs.

Some of the search engines still takes it as internal duplication, if an URL with WWW and non-www version is additionally out there.

Proposal: ought to so solely be employed in one version. for instance, send the WWW version to the non-www version.

Canonicalization is that the apply of organizing your content in such some way that each distinctive piece has one, and only 1, URL.

Text to code ratio :

Add in additional top quality text content and take away unneccessary code from your HTML and create the text to code ration to be among 15%-70%.

Block spiders from sensitive content with robots.txt :

The robots.txt could be a special document which may assist to the search engine’s robots. we will deny or enable our pages to look within the search results.

We need to use the robots.txt file after we don’t wish Google or different search engines to crawl some revealed content on our web site. Consequently, not showing them within the search results.

User expertise Steps :

Crafting a thoughtful, empathic user expertise helps make sure that users to your website understand it completely, encouraging sharing, bookmarking, come back visits, and arriving links—all signals that trickle all the way down to the search engines and contribute to high rankings.

Lower your bounce rate :

If Google sees visitors bouncing from your page within the search results, it’s a transparent sign that you’re not a high quality result for his or her users. And Google quickly can drop you from the primary page.

Tip: embrace internal links at the highest of your article.

Avoid using pop-ups and opening ads :

Pop ups are dangerous to be used expertise and users will go straight to the rear button.

Google could punish sites that show opening ads to users on mobile devices.

Consider readability :

Use a lot of simple terms, avoid using an excessive amount of jargon within the page content. A not understandable text can lead to a high bounce rate and this may result in lower ranking within the long-standing time. So, you must positively make certain your texts are well written and not too hard.

Broken links :

Find and fix broken links on your website.

Set up friendly 404 page :

Users can often come back to a page that does not exist on your website, either by following a broken link or writing within the wrong URL.

Having a custom 404 page that kindly ON Page Stepss users back to a operating page on your website will greatly improve a user’s expertise.

Minimise down time:

Ensure you have a reliable website host with lowest down time.

Creativity, high-quality writing, use of examples, and inclusion of pictures and multimedia will all assist in crafting content that completely matches a searcher’s goals.

Google Webmaster Tools Steps:

Check for crawl errors:

It provides you lots of data like : 404 errors and server errors on each desktop and smartphone.

You can use this info to mend those broken links that are inflicting these 404 errors.

Submit a {site|website|web website} map – site maps

At Sitemap section Google Search Console you will send the Sitemap of your {site|website|web website} in xml format to allow Google info regarding your pages among your site that you simply wish to induce indexed.

Site Speed :

Optimise your load speed

Site speed is extremely necessary for user friendlienes and for ranking on search engines. Pages on fast-loading sites rank considerably more than pages on slow-loading sites.

The website load time is that the most significant once it involves user-friendliness. The slower a website loads, the additional users tend to go away it before it’s done loading. therefore forever attempt to keep your load time to a minimum.


Move the inlined css elements to an external CSS file.

Combine the css blocks and move them to an external CSS file.

Combine the script blocks and move them to an external file.

Merge the script files into one.

Implement HTTP compression for your website.

Test your site’s load speed :

Use on-line tools to check your site’s load speed. There are lots of website’s that provide meassuring your site speed on-line for gratis, however the most effective are:

Google Page Speed Insights

Pingdom Speed Tool

Varvy Speed Tool

GTMetrix Speed Tool, etc.

Implement recommendations from Google Page Speed Insights :

While testing your website for speed on Google Page Speed Insights you may see recommandations on a way to boost your site’s speed, therefore we recommend you to implement them.

AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages :

This past Oct, Google declared Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a awfully accessible framework for making fast-loading mobile websites.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are currently board mobile search results and still it is not well-known if AMP pages would eventually receive some kind of ranking boost outside of the highest Stories space of search results.

Optimize for mobile Steps :

Since April twenty first 2015 Google has been exploitation mobile friendliness as a stronger ranking issue that “significantly” affects rankings worldwide.

For SEO functions responsive website designs is that the best option and it’s suggested by Google, it’s no SEO risks,it is the simplest to implement.

Make sure to see your pages exploitation the official Google mobile friendly take a look at.

Image optimization Steps –

Naming files and images :

Give your pictures short, descriptive file names.Make sure you include the keywords once you name your image and let it’s relevant to the image.

Optimize pictures before uploading

Optimize pictures before uploading in order that they load as quick as doable on your website, you’ll be able to use Dynamic Drive’s on-line tool.

Image Title and ALT text :

Always tag images with Titles and ALT text. And forever use relevant keywords. We’ve compiled some posts for you relating to image optimisation. make certain you check them out!

Write a brief Caption on the page below every Image

Use a human-readable caption and descriptive text round the image.

This is important as a result of this manner you may place important data in text instead of pictures.

Be Better than others :

Think about what makes your web site distinctive, valuable, or participating. build your web site stand out from others in your field.

Declare the language :

Declare the language in use will help search engine to higher understand and rendering your page, particularly once special characters are encountered.

Declare the character coding :

Declare the character coding will help search engine to raised rendering your page, particularly once it involves non-asii characters.

Dont use HTML Table tags or if you already use than replace them with div tags.

OFF Page SEO Tips for 2016

Keyword density :

Keyword density may be used as an element in deciding whether or not a web page has relevancy to a such keyword or keyword phrase.


The optimum keyword density to be one.0% – 3.0%. using a keyword over that might be thought of search spam.

Overuse of keywords, a apply known as keyword stuffing, can cause website page to be punished.

Use LSI keywords :

ALSI keyword could be a phrase that has words that are like your main keyword – it’s typically a word.

Search engines, like Google, use Latent semantic indexing as a part of their search analysis, once attempting to make a decision what websites can show up in their search results.

Make Visually accessible text :

Make your text visually accessible. keep in mind that you simply wish the foremost details to be legible at a look. Don’t build your reader work to search out necessary info.

Add multimedia :

Images, videos, data graphics, animations; such things boost your content. If you’ve got a video associated with your content, that is nice. Otherwise, attempt to include a minimum of one image in you web log post.

Content with a minimum of one image considerably outperformed content with none pictures.

Add internal links :

Every post on your web log should have an internal link to a different relevant post. this can be one amongst the various ways that to boost our rank. attempt to at produce a minimum of 2 internal links among your intro paragraph, and a minimum of one or 2 additional within the remainder of content.

Be careful with Anchor texts :

An anchor text is that the text you utilize to link to a different page, and it’s what users click to get to it different page. selecting anchor text could be a very important a part of linking. ne’er use one word anchor text. forever use a phrase.

Always use a keyword phrase as anchor text. Also, confine mind to ne’er use a similar anchor text double for a similar link. it’s thought-about as keyword stuffing, and or spamming. whether or not on your website or another, forever vary the anchor text.

Link out :

Include a minimum of a pair of departing links to authority sites in every bit of content that you simply publish.

Offer quality content :

Creating compelling and helpful content can possible influence your web site in an exceedingly positive method.

For example you’ll write an artless piece of analysis, break AN exciting newspaper article, or leverage your distinctive user base.

Write easy-to-read text :

Ensure the language is natural and flows well. Don’t stuff with keywords.Check your spelling! keep organized round the topic.

Priorities quality over frequency :

It is good to write down one quality article per month than writing dangerous articles a day.

Set up wealthy snippets – structured knowledge :

Rich snippets are a sort of structured knowledge that enable webmasters to price content in ways in which offer info to the search engines. could be a specific vocabulary of tags that you simply will augment your HTML to enhance the method your page is pictured in SERPs.

“Structured data markup” could be a normal method annotate your content therefore machines will realize it.

There are reports that use of Schema markup still doesn’t correlate with higher rankings.

Print ability :

It is doable that the users would really like to print the content of the net website. during this case, the employment of the printer-friendly CSS might be useful.

The use of printer-friendly CSS is very recommended!

Synchronize post business :

Don’t publish your diary posts as you complete them. forever schedule them for an acceptable time.

You might wish to schedule your posts for round the time that you simply get the foremost traffic on your website.

After you publish your post :

One necessary issue which each and every one ought to do is to unfold their article. once you publish a post on your web log, confirm you drive traffic to that.

Comment on blogs related to your niche,but don’t spam. attempt coming into to discussions and leave a link to your post.

Spread it via the social media. i like to recommend you tweet your article once once you complete your post. once tweet, a Facebook like,etc… Then, ping your blog – call the search engines.

Link Building – SEO OF Page Steps :

Link building could be a method to get alternative sites to link to yours, so as to boost the authority of a web site and its ranking on search engines.

Backlinks stay an especially necessary Google ranking issue. the amount of domains linking to a page correlates with rankings over the other issue.

Add a lot of authoritative back-links for your website :

Try to get additional authoritative backlinks to your website, this manner your website can get a large boost in SERPs.

Links from authoritiative domains pass a lot of power :

Overall link authority powerfully correlates with higher rankings. One quality backlink can pass a lot of power to your website than lots non quality backlinks.

Links from similar sites assist in rankings :

Links from websites that don’t seem to be associated with the subject of your site don’t assist nearly in the least in rankings and can also be thought-about as spam.

So attempt to get solely links from websites that are associated with the subject of your site.

Links from among content are the foremost valuable

This are known as natural links and assist the foremost in rankings however are the toughest to urge. 

Blogger reaching :

One of the ways that within which you’ll be able to get “Google quality” links for your web site is to own your content featured by or linked to by standard bloggers. this can be known as blogger stretch.

Building relationships with people who can share your links is an efficient method distribute multiple links.

Low quality link building could cause penalties :

Be careful with bad quality backlinks like those from low quality websites, warez spammy sites and links that you simply will get from link building softwares.

These links will cause you to a lot of harm than good to your website. 

Directory submissions :

Submitting your blog to directories like DMOZ will increase the quantity of backlinks you’ve got, and successively, your website’s rank.

So submit your website for DMOZ listing.

Use completely different anchor text :

Do not use a similar anchor text for backlinks to your website as a result of you’ll be able to get a penalty from search engines by doing it.

Audit your link profile :

Use tools to see the backlinks to your website, this can be important.

Local SEO

Getting a local listing on Google

Getting listed on Google could be a nice begin to up your local SEO,here are some tips to get listed:

Create and verify your Google+ local page

Use a local telephone number

Have an address within the city or town that you’re targeting

Remove duplicate Google+ local pages

Fully complete your Google+ local page

Decide what page of your web site to list on your Google+ native page

Choose acceptable classes on your Google+ local page

Create a separate page on your web site for every location that you simply wish to focus on

Be according to your business’s name, address and sign

Make it simple for visitors to contact and/or search you

Add a map of your business’s location to your web site

Include your location and keyword on your web site landing page

Create a separate page on your web site for every product/service that you simply provide

Get your business listed on third party websites

Get ratings and reviews on your Google+ local page and on third party websites

Build links to your Google+ local page and web site

Keep your Google+ local page active

Social Media Steps :

Don’t ignore social media!

If you would like to own a succesful SEO campaign than social media ought to be a part of it.

Use social media to share you content

Include social sharing buttons on each post of yours to form it easy to your visitors to share your posts.

Encourage sharing of your content

Always once writing a post do not forget to ask your readers to share your content.

Create Company Pages and Accounts

Create as several company pages as you’ll be able to and check out to create audience around them by business your blog posts to those pages and additionally attempt to comunicate together with your followers and fans for stuff associated with your topic.

Include open graph knowledge and started twitter card and made pins

Open Graph knowledge is extremely necessary for made Facebook sharing, Twitter Card for increased Twitter sharing and made pins for Pinterest sharing.

On WordPress you’ll be able to do that through SEO plugins and on Blogger you wish to try and do this manually on Blogger template’s xml code.

Pay attention to updates :

Because search engines can modification their algorithms sporadically you certainly have to be compelled to continue with SEO trends to be able to rank on SERP.

Conclusion :

Don’t expect fast results

In the finish you mustn’t expect fast results.

You should forever keep SEO within the forefront of your mind, and forever follow best practices. Skipping the fundamentals of SEO can solely leave your site’s foundation a large number and stop you from absolutely increasing revenue opportunities.

Read this SEO ON Page Steps carefully and check out to implement the maximum amount of those tasks as you’ll be able to and keep assured that once it slow you may begin having traffic from search engines optimization .

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