Buy Budget Smart Full HD LED TV Online in India on this Diwali

Nowadays, smart TVs are the new smart choice of the seller now. They offer a bigger & a better visual display along with the best sound quality. Smart TV is basically a concurrence between a computer and a television set. When you buy a budget smart TV it offers you the choice of using apps, surfing the Internet, stream videos on the big screen. Many LED TVs are fully loaded with set up boxes and the wifi dongles. Here we are going to display a list of budget full HD LED Tv online in India.

Samsung LED TV

Samsung ‘s TV’s are the best selling and most affordable TVs in India. This Company  manufactures major display components for sony and many other brands. The Samsung 32J4300 is a 32 inch LED TV which is HD ready and has a resolution of 1366 X 768. It has Built in Wi-fi facility, 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Its Price in India is approx. INR 28,000.




It is WXGA Smart TV, so you should consider before purchasing it. Its resolution is good and also built in wifi are available. Its price is also higher than other models because of the Sony branding and price is approx.32000.



This is a new LED TV which is to be launched soon. It is the cheapest of all and its features fully match the ones in the Samsung 32J4300. But it is a new entry, we cannot comment much about it, but its look is good, we think that it is quite interesting.



Micromax LED TV

If you want to buy a 42 inch 4K smart TV at the cheapest price, the ultimate winner is Micromax. The display is really 4k and it has a stunning resolution of 3840 x 2160. That is something really amazing at this price. However, it also has 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports, along with a ton of other features.Its price in India is approx. INR 37000.

Micromax-42C0050UHD-42-Inch-LED-TV 4


This is a new LED TV produced by Nitco technology. YUWA LED TV is the national brand of Nitco technology. It is the cheapest brand among other models and fully match with all functionality of other brands. It comes in all sizes like LED TV 32, 24, 42 etc. When you come on price, it will amaze you. It is available on LED TV – 32″ A A1 39500.00 and LED TV – 32″ A1 24000.00

Yuwa_LED_TV_32 aa1


If you are planning to buy LED TV Online In India , then above all LED TV will become your best choice .

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