Best The Kapil Sharma Show 7th May 2016 Full Episode Online

You must watch today’s episode for given reasons. The first thing first. Fans of Kapil Sharma don’t require any reason to watch The Kapil Sharma Show. and second thing, Those who want reasons can read the following abstract from today’s episode.

We will see Dr.Gulati with the Azhar frame Prachi Desai and Lara Dutta Bhupathi. As he never misses any chance of flirting with Actresses. In the last Episode, He did the famous Seeti (CT) Scan in a hilarious way and He will do something amazing with actresses too.

Rinku Bhabhi is also one of the comedy factors of The Kapil Sharma Show. she doesn’t miss any chance of flirting with Actors. It will be amazing to see her flirting in a unique way with Emraan Hashmi. Even she will introduce the Team Azhar in very creative way. We can’t miss that from today’s Show.