Do You Notice That iPhones In All Apple Ads Display The Time 9:41AM? Can you think of a reason why?

If you’re the observant varieties, you need to have detected that Apple’s iPhone and iPad commercials forever show 9:41 AM on the phone screen. And just in case you haven’t, skim through their advertisements and you may see that in every ad, the devices are set to a similar time.

Can you think of a reason why?

You might suppose that there cannot be a logical reason behind this however you will be shocked to grasp that this explicit time, in fact, may be a moment confiscate from one in all the historic keynote displays given by Steve Jobs. The tradition of iPhone and iPad commercials showing 9:41 AM started throughout the 2007 Macworld Conference & accumulation, once Jobs was planning to announce the official launch of the iPhone in an exceedingly keynote presentation.

iPhones In All Apple Ads Display


While rehearsing for the presentation, Jobs had calculated that the slide of the recently launched iPhone was planning to seem on screen at around 9:41 AM. Acting earlier, to indicate the $64000 time, he educated his advertising team to organize it with the device showing 9:41 AM.

Such was the accuracy of his calculation that in the presentation, the primary ever iPhone was unveiled at the near-exact time! The complete speaker that he was, Jobs gave a awfully partaking presentation. As he began to announce the launch of an iPhone, his words were:

We style the product launch keynotes so the massive reveal of the product happens around forty minutes into the presentation. once the large image of the product seems on screen, we would like the time shown to be near the particular time on the audience’s watches. however we all know we can’t hit forty minutes precisely. And for the iPhone, we tend to created it forty two minutes. It clothed we were pretty correct thereupon estimate, therefore for the iPad, we created it forty one minutes. And there you are—the secret of the magic time.


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